Government Travel Committee

The Executive Committee dealt with two (2) grievances regarding dependant care expenses incurred by employees in travel status. Upon further review, the Committee agreed to clarify the qualifying criteria for payment of dependant care expenses while taking into consideration unusual situations and extenuating circumstances.

As a guide to the intent of the Travel Directive "dependant care" clauses, the Executive Committee agreed in the short term that the expression "sole caregiver" may be interpreted to include individuals who are involuntarily separated as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency (Income Tax):

Definition – involuntary separation:

"Although you have shown your marital status on your return as married or living in common law, you and your spouse may have occupied separate principal residences for part or all of the year for medical, educational or business reasons."

It is understood that the "sole caregiver" issue is likely to be reviewed in greater detail during the upcoming cyclical review of the Travel Directive.

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