Q1.  I understand from reading the IPGHD that Vacation Travel Assistance (VTA) benefits may be subject to recovery if I resign from my position in the Public Service. Is this correct?

A1.  Yes. When an employee resigns from the public service having received VTA benefits within the preceding three (3) months if their headquarters has an environment classification of 1 or 2 or within the preceding five (5) months if their headquarters has an environment classification of 3, 4 or 5, the amount of those benefits shall be recovered.

This applies whether the benefits paid were the 80% non- accountable VTA or the 100% accountable VTA.

Q2.  I note that the amount of VTA benefits shall be either deducted from my claim for relocation expenses or considered to be a debt to the Government of Canada if there are insufficient funds payable for relocation or I am not eligible for relocation benefits. If this true?

A2.  Yes.

Q3.  I am a local hire and therefore will not be relocated when I resign. Does the above still apply to me?

A3.  Yes. Section 4.13 applies to all employees, including local hires.

Q4.  I am working at a headquarters that does not have an airport and I am wondering what the payment for the 80% non-accountable VTA will be based on?

A4.  The payment is based on the cost of travel between an isolated post and its point of departure. Given that your headquarters does not have an airport it is calculated as follows:

(i)      the return full economy class airfare between the nearest airport and the point of departure; and

(ii)      the return traveling expenses (i.e. meals, incidentals and ground transportation) between the post and the nearest airport (including lodging if that airport is over 500 km from the post).