As a result of the NJC Executive Committee's decision to revoke the October 16, 2000, Isolated Posts and Government Housing Directive (IPGHD) in December 2000, the Isolated Posts and Government Housing Committee was mandated to review that Directive, limiting itself to the following identified areas of concern:

In January 2001, all interested parties were invited to make representations on the issues of concern by way of a written submission.

The Isolated Posts and Government Housing Committee (IPGHC) carefully reviewed all submissions and on January 19, 2002, presented its report to the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee accepted the recommendations, which are as follows:

The new Isolated Posts and Government Housing Directive (IPGHD) will be implemented in two stages:

1. April 1, 2002 (1st stage):

A parallel system of Vacation Travel Assistance consisting of the following options:

2. April 1, 2003 (2nd stage):

3. The Special Accommodation Allowance in Yellowknife will not form part of the Directive. It will remain an Employer Policy.

You will find the revised Part II of the Isolated Posts Directive, with the detailed VTA provisions, as well as an explanation of the tax treatment on the non-accountable VTA payment and a Questions and Answers document on the National Joint Council website and the Treasury Board Secretariat website .

Details on the remaining provisions of the Directive as well as information on proposed training and information sessions will be published over the coming months.


Requests for more information or clarification should be addressed to departmental headquarters personnel.

Designated departmental officials may contact:

Catherine Manion Lewis
Acting Director
Safety, Health & Employee Services Group
Treasury Board Secretariat
Telephone (613) 957-2523
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