The Disability Insurance Plan was designed in 1970 by Public Service management and bargaining agent representatives, in consultation through the National Joint Council (NJC) of the Public Service of Canada, to provide income protection arrangements for Public Service employees.

The Plan provides for a monthly income benefit for employees who are unable to work for a lengthy period of time because of a totally disabling illness or injury. The Plan is underwritten and administered by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, hereafter referred to as the Insurer.

A Board of Management for the DI Plan has been established under the auspices of the NJC. The board is composed of a chairperson appointed by the NJC, four employer side members, and four bargaining agent side members. The Board is responsible for considering and making recommendations to the NJC on matters such as the financial integrity of the Plan, eligibility rules, Plan design and premium rates. The Board has also assumed the responsibility for making recommendations to the Insurer on disputed claims and membership situations under the Plan.

Who is covered by the Plan ?

The Plan covers persons for whom the Treasury Board is the employer, and who are represented in the collective bargaining process. Represented employees of a number of designated agencies and corporations also participate in the Plan.

Generally speaking, new employees hired on a full-time or part-time basis are covered automatically under this Plan. A full-time employee means a person whose assigned hours of work equal the normally scheduled hours of work for a full-time employee employed in the same occupational group. A part-time employee means a person who is assigned to work more than one third of the normally scheduled full-time hours for his or her occupational group.

Membership is compulsory if you are employed as described below:

Treasury Board Web site on Sick Leave and Long-Term Disability Insurance*

Disability Insurance (DI) Plan Booklets:

General information with respect to the Plan can be found at the following website: .

The revised version of the DI plan booklet is now available in electronic format:

The Deputy Secretary of the Human Resources Branch has agreed that departments and agencies participating in the Plans will be provided with an initial stock of booklets. This approach is being taken to ensure that all plan members will have access to a printed version of the booklet.

Inquiries can also be addressed to the individuals mentioned below:

Mr William Leffler
Senior Director, Group Insurance Program Operations
Treasury Board of Canada, Secretariat
Group Insurance Program Management
219 Laurier Ave, Floor 8
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0R5
(613) 907-5206
The Secretary
Disability Insurance Plan Board of Management
National Joint Council
C.D. Howe Building, West Tower
240 Sparks Street, 7th Floor
P.O. Box 1525, Station B
Ottawa, ON  K1P 5V2
(613) 990-1834

Claims Appeals, with respect to the "Disability Insurance Plan" should be sent by regular mail with the pertinent information necessary for the adjudication of the claim to the National Joint Council.  For more information on claims appeals, please consult the following webpage:  How to File an Appeal with Respect to the Disability Insurance Plan.