The working committees of Council are comprised of representatives of both sides of Council. Bargaining Agent side committee members can be either full-time representatives from the staff of the organizations or public servants. The Employer side membership on committees is comprised of both officers from the Treasury Board Secretariat and representatives from departments and agencies. The By-Laws of Council provide that each committee member is expected to take an active part in the work of committees and such functions, including research and development, shall be recognized as part of the member's regular duties.

A Chairperson is appointed to each committee by the Executive Committee and can come from either side. In practice the majority of chairpersons are senior officials from departments or agencies.

A Secretary is also appointed to each committee by the staff of the office of the General Secretary.

All working committees of the NJC are responsible for providing interpretation of directive intent upon request.

National Joint Council meetings for 2023: March 1, June 7, September 20 and December 6