The Joint Employment Equity Committee (JEEC) provides a national forum that includes the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS), the Public Service Commission (PSC), Bargaining Agents and departmental representatives. Others with Employment Equity and diversity responsibilities or expertise, including a youth representative, may be invited to collaborate on the development, implementation and revision of public service wide policies and practices that may impact designated groups under the Employment Equity Act.

The JEEC acts as the NJC's vehicle for Employment Equity and diversity analysis, and provides the NJC with Employment Equity and diversity related input, as well as, advice and recommendations related to emerging policies and practices in the federal public service:

To achieve its mandate, the JEEC relies on:

Committee Advisor:  Laura Mackenzie

Quarterly Report to the National Joint Council (March 2024)

Regular activities:

Outstanding items:

Next meetings: September 11, 2024