This part of the directive enhances and/or supplements Part XIII (Tools and Machinery) [] of the COHSR and should be read in that context.


In this part:

"machine guard" (dispositif de protection) means a device that is installed on a machine to prevent a person, or any part of the body or clothing, from becoming caught in any part of a machine or of the material being processed or handled that can cause injury. It also means a device that makes the machine inoperative if a person or any part of the person's clothing is in or near a part of the machine that can cause injury.

13.1 Design, Construction, Operation and Use

13.1.1 Employees shall ensure that the tool end of any flexible shaft portable power tool is secured in a manner that will prevent the flexible shaft from whipping when the motor is started.

13.2 Operation and Use

13.2.1 Employees who use a pneumatic portable power tool shall shut off the air supply to that tool and bleed the air line before disconnecting it from the tool, unless the air line is equipped with a quick disconnect coupling that makes such precautions unnecessary.

13.2.2 A pneumatic portable power tool or air hose shall not be used in such a manner that an air stream might be directed forcibly against the body of any person.

13.2.4 To the extent practicable, exposure to continuous vibration from tools and machinery shall be minimized.

13.3 Inspection and Maintenance

13.3.1 All hand tools and portable power tools used shall be inspected at regular intervals and maintained in a safe working condition.

13.3.2 There shall be an inspection and maintenance plan for tools and machinery and a record kept of all inspections and maintenance work performed in accordance with such plan.

13.3.3 Each tool and machine shall be checked by employees before use to ensure that there is no visible defect.

13.3.4 All hand tools and portable power tools shall be transported and stored in a safe manner.

13.4 Robot Systems

13.4.1 To the extent practicable, the guarding of a robot machine or a robot machine system shall conform to the appropriate standard.