The quorum for NJC committee meetings under clause 2.2.2 of the NJC By-laws is established as two members from each of the employer and bargaining agent sides.

From time to time in the past planned committee meetings have been cancelled at the request of a member or members despite the probable existence of quorum for the intended meeting. This has sometimes resulted in criticism from other committee members as well as difficulties for the NJC Secretariat.

The Executive Committee discussed such situations at its meeting of November 15, 2002. The Executive Committee’s expectation is that committee meetings should normally proceed where it is expected that a quorum will exist. In the event that special circumstances lead a member to wish to request cancellation of a meeting despite the probable existence of quorum, this request must be made to the appropriate Side Secretary who will consider the merits of the request, consult with side members of the Executive Committee if necessary, and, as appropriate, convey the request officially to the General Secretary.

It is understood that receipt by the General Secretary of an official cancellation request from a side secretary will automatically trigger cancellation of the meeting.